Founder Message

“We are a continuum. Just as we reach back to our ancestors for our fundamental values, so we, as the guardians of that legacy must reach ahead to our children!”

In the recent years there has been much attention paid to the children compulsory education. Director and parents make to ensure that the youth of today are made aware of their duties and responsibilities. No matter how small a child he/she must made aware of the fact that he/she has certain duties to perform, respect for others. The duties of teachers towards students and the school they work have also been highlighted. We would like to think we at Genius English school, while emphasizing the need for discipline and conformity, do not lose track. Duties for both our students and our staff will go a long way to help the achievements of the school in the year come by. As I prefer to undertake serving Genius English school of infinite breath and distinction. I am enormously proud of our understanding students and staff. We must maintain the highest standards of quality. We began the school in the  year  2017. So now it is time to listen for our name GENIUS ENGLISH SCHOOL. Let echo through Plassey and realize how fast a year just flew, my achievements to the school years come by and my congratulation to all my students, teachers and parents.